Presentation skills trainer, keynote speaker, seminar leader, and coach, Leslie Greene, is here to help you in communicating to small groups, large groups, or one-on-one with others. Leslie Greene has over 20 years in the presentation skills training business. 


Public Speaking to a Large Group

A huge problem in rapidly-changing businesses today is the lack of effective communication among employees.  Speakers develop nervous-driven habits that block listeners from hearing and acting upon their important messages.  Without clear communication, businesses cannot achieve the strategies set by upper management.  Spoken Success workshops are designed to quickly improve the communication skills for anyone who has to speak about anything that matters.  This includes everyday communication at work; meetings, customer discussions, project updates, quarterly business reviews, presenting to senior management or speaking in their own communities.  Participants will learn and practice the essential skills needed to present ideas and communicate with confidence, competence, clarity, credibility, composure, and conviction. They will gain awareness and learn skills to immediately begin the journey for improving their effectiveness via digitally recorded feedback, self review, and expert coaching.



Course Opportunities (Either virtual platform or face-to-face):

  • Presenting for Success (10 participants maximum)
    Two-day workshop; one-day version (8 participants maximum)

  • Presenting for Sales Success (10 participants maximum)
    Two-day workshop with emphasis on selling higher in organizations

  • Successful Facilitation Skills (tailored one-day program; 12 participants)

  • Presenting for Success Level 2 Refresher
    One-day follow-up, advanced workshop; 6 months following any of the above workshops

  • Executive Coaching
    One-on-one presentation skills/speech coaching (3-6-hour sessions)

  • Large Group Presentations (unlimited number of participants)
    Leslie Greene will present “The Secrets to Spoken Success” to various groups for one and one half, two, or three hours


Course Components:

  • Self assessment (baseline video)

  • Delivery skills

  • Confidence: posture, eye contact, pausing

  • Enthusiasm: purposeful walking, gestures, facial expressions, voice

  • Content preparation and planning (work-specific topic to relevant audience)

  • PowerPoint design and effective use

  • Q & A: handling questions with confidence

  • Instant audience rapport-building techniques

  • Behavioral fixes that redirect feelings of nervousness with positive results

  • Post-course practice recommendations to develop new skills/habits

  • Course materials


  • Video-recorded exercises

  • Video playback and analysis

  • Skills practice

  • Coaching and reinforcement

(3-6 hours; ongoing sessions available)

Goal Setting for Session (pre-call with professional coach)

  • Baseline assessment

  • Focus on key-note or other upcoming presentation

  • Self-evaluation

  • How do you want to be perceived?

  • Determining your leadership style

  • Creating trust and credibility

  • Intense individualized coaching

Compelling Content

  • Analyzing the audience

  • Developing and organizing content using The Presentation Map

  • How to be clear and persuasive

  • Introductions and conclusions

  • Effective use of notes and slides

  • PowerPoint dos and don’ts

Dynamic Speaking Skills Including:

  • Delivery Skills (Confidence skills:  stance, pausing, eye connection; Enthusiasm skills:  walking with purpose, gestures, facial and vocal variety)

  • Practice Methodologies

Question & Answer Techniques

  • How to encourage questions

  • Using questions to uncover needs

  • Using questions to further your agenda

  • Dealing with tough/hostile/irrelevant questions

  • Finding opportunities during Q and A

  • Handling questions to build credibility

  • Before the interview—thorough preparation

  • During the interview:  dos and don’ts

  • Interviewing over a meal

  • Etiquette, manners, the “little things”

  • After the interview

  • Preparing for a productive meeting

  • Effectively opening and closing

  • Introducing other speakers (MC role)

  • Managing “difficult” people

  • Pulling out the quiet ones

  • Keeping it moving

  • Next steps; post-meeting must-dos

  • Time-keeping


  •  “The Secrets to Spoken Success"  1.5-3 hour “key note” presentation delivered by Leslie Greene, Principal 

  • Tailored to fit  in with large-event meetings: sales, kick-offs, etc.

  • Delivered with humor and high-energy, fast-paced and fun!

  • Helping sales/business professionals to build awareness of speaking skills

  • Make presentations more exciting

  • Learn tools and techniques to get results


  • Web-based training

  • Learning the tips to being effective virtually

  • Effective openings, closes, and making it interesting throughout

  • Keeping their attention

  • Communicating with confidence via virtual platforms

There's Help

Spoken Success LLC offers a variety of coaching sessions, seminars, and workshops designed to help groups or individuals become more effective presenters and communicators.  The workshops are designed for professionals who:


  • Want to gain the skills needed to further their career

  • Must present virtually SS

  • Deliver high-stakes presentations

  • Need to motivate others to take action

  • Have extreme anxiety speaking in public

  • Are in need of polish and practice

  • Know they overly rely on PowerPoint

  • Are nervous about an upcoming presentation

  • Have to present ideas to others

  • Need to sell or speak to executives with confidence

  • Are interested in shortening their sales cycle

  • Need a system to develop inspirational content 

For Whom?

Business professionals, executives, sales professionals, college graduates, job applicants, anyone who has to speak one-on-one or to any size group about anything that matters.


  • Business Professionals

  • Top Executives

  • Banking Professionals

  • Sales Executives

  • Account Managers

  • Customer Support Professionals

  • Human Resource Managers

  • Marketing Professionals

  • New Hires

  • Job-Seekers

  • Lawyers