Presentation Courses & Speech Coaching


Communicate with confidence, credibility, and conviction, with presentation courses and one-on-one speech coaching from Spoken Success LLC. Presentation skills trainer, keynote speaker, seminar leader, and coach, Leslie Greene, is here to help you in communicating to small groups, large groups, or even just one-on-one with others. Leslie Greene has over 20 years in the presentation skills training business.


In her career, Leslie has trained thousands of professionals in Fortune 50 and 100 companies throughout the world.


We Offer:


One-on-One Coaching

(Two, Four, or Eight-Hour Sessions)


1-Day Presentation Skills Workshop

(Eight Participants Maximum)


2-Day Presentation Skills Workshop

(12 Participants Maximum)


Presentations to Large Groups at Your Company (1.5-3 Hours)

Course offerings focus on how to communicate with confidence, competence, clarity, credibility, composure, and conviction (the 6 "Cs" of Success!). Participants will gain awareness and behavior change via digitally recorded feedback and self review.

Presentation Training


Spoken Success was founded on the belief that our clients' business needs are of the utmost importance. Great ideas are lost every day due to poor communication and a lack of follow-through.


Our commitment is to ensure that you will leave our program with the skills needed for immediate on-the-job application.


The overall objective is to give you the tools, skills, and techniques needed to communicate effectively and meet business objectives. Positive bottom-line impact is the result.


  • Benchmark Assessment

  • Video-recorded Feedback
    & Analysis

  • Delivery Skills for Confidence & Conviction

  • Skill-Building Exercises & Reinforcement

    Coaching for Consistent Improvement

  • Content Planning and Composition

  • Post-course Skill Development

  • PowerPoint Pitfalls and Solutions

  • Handling Tough or Hostile Q & A


Improve your business communication and presentation skills through our "Presenting for Success" courses, executive coaching sessions, and overall help with the spoken word. 



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